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Thread: NEC 8201A and NEC 8300

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    Default NEC 8201A and NEC 8300

    I have some NEC8201A and 8300 models that have NiCd battery packs. The original batteries are corroded so I will de-solder them from the battery holder circuit board, clean the terminals, replace the resistor and solder on new batteries. There are 4 AA batteries from Sanyo with spec of:

    1.2V 500mH

    All I can find in that spec are 1/2AA. Which are 1/2 the width of a normal AA battery. Not sure this will work (or hold the charge as long as a full length AA). I'm assuming that since the original 1.2V 500MH full length batteries were made, manufacturers were able to produce more efficient batteries, thus they could shrink them in half. Is that right?

    Current battery is like this one...

    BTW, I have about 7 of the battery holders which take NORMAL AA that are not recharge type. I can convert them to NICD type if others are interested to power their 8201 or 8300.


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    Thereís no reason I can think of that youíd have to match the mAH capacity of the older batteries. So, you can use a higher capacity battery (1000mAH Ni-Cd are commonly available) to replace the older ones.

    As long as the voltage and battery type are the same youíre fine. (Donít replace NiCd cells with NiMH or LiIon, for example, as they use different charging methods than NiCd.)

    Iíve replaced the NiCd battery packs in a lot of older test gear (multimeters and oscilloscopes) with higher capacity cells and aside from a longer run time (and charge time) I havenít seen any issues.

    As for those 1/2AA cells, they would hold their charge the same as a full AA cell. 500mAH is 500mAH no matter if itís in a AAAA, AAA, 1/2AA or AA. mAH is a measure of the amount of current the cell can deliver over the course of one hour; essentially Time vs Capacity. That said, you donít want to replace a AA based battery pack with a 1/2AA based one, as you can basically double your capacity/run time by simply using modern AA NiCd cells.
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    You can certainly replace them with higher capacity AA batteries; I did the same thing with mine. You may find it easier to use batteries that have tabs attached to them instead of the button-top batteries.

    BTW, do you have any more of the battery holders that take normal AA batteries? I'd love to buy a couple of them from you if you're selling them.

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    Sorry, sold them all.

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