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Thread: running an EGA card in a 5160, Video memory size issue?

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    Default running an EGA card in a 5160, Video memory size issue?

    I plan to install an EGA card in a 5160, that is when I finally get my hands on a 5160. I was trying to get my ducks in a row and came across this tidbit on "" where it states..

    "About expansion abilities, Derek Brewer specifies:
    The IBM XT could, with the color monitor, be upgraded to the later EGA graphics card. The system can also, with a controller board upgrade and IBM DOS 3.30, be fitted with a 20-30Mb Hard Disk. The only limitation is when upgrading to EGA the system will only recognize a card with less than 32kb of VRAM. "

    The EGA card I have is a 8-bit paradise PEGA1A with what I believe to be 64kb of VRAM. Does anyone know if the above statement is actually an issue, and if it indeed was was there any workarounds?

    Thanks so much for any additional info on this.

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    I use a Paradise EGA 480 with 256K in my XT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lowlytech View Post
    The only limitation is when upgrading to EGA the system will only recognize a card with less than 32kb of VRAM."
    That has to be an error. None of the EGA modes would be possible with less than 32kb of VRAM. :: :: :: blog

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    The statement makes no sense. A stock genuine IBM EGA card has 64k ram. It won't go lower. With expansion board it goes to 128k.

    The genuine IBM card should operate fine in a 5150 PC (with bios that supports ROM extensions), 5160 XT, and 5170 AT. Most clone EGA cards would have been specifically designed for use as a 5160 XT (and many others) upgrade.

    Additionally, the statement itself seems dated. An IBM 5160 XT (or 5150) can be upgraded to 8-bit compatible VGA, can run up to MS-DOS 6.22, and can support almost any hard drive size the controller supports (Gigabytes with an XT-IDE).

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    That’s a homlogifation of the PC Junior video limit after the first 128k

    Ignore it cause it’s wrong

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    That website has not seen proper fact checking or updates for years. There is a lot of inaccurate information posted everywhere.
    Also no comment moderation. There are mountains of comments of people begging for or trying to sell machines.
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    Thanks so much for the replies guys. Sounds like I don't have much to worry about with compatibility other than if the EGA card actually works or not. I was googling the memory chip part numbers and they say 64k word x 4 bits and there are 8 chips. Is this actually a 256k card?20180606_065414.jpg

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    Yep, 256KB.
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