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Thread: Compaq Portable II software and documentation + IBM Hardware Maintenance Reference

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    Default Compaq Portable II software and documentation + IBM Hardware Maintenance Reference

    Today's' haul brought an insight that maybe, just maybe, I start to have too much stuff. The Compaq documentation I already have at least three sets of (except what can be seen in this picture!!).
    I'm located in Sweden, shipping "over there" will of course cost, let's see if there is any interest first.

    If I can get shipping + "anything" per item I am OK with that. For example:
    5$ + shipping for a complete Compaq software + documentation package. Like I said, I think I have at least three more of these sets. I don't think I need more than one set!
    10$ + shipping for the IBM books + 5.25" floppies (these might actually be worth something, help me out here).
    The IBM affectionados would know what this is I guess, they are numbered:
    The "books" cover the PC, XT, AT and portable PC. It's not a full service manual with schematics etc, it seem to cover disassembly and such.
    One of The IBM books also contains two 5.25" floppies:
    Advanced Diagnostics for the IBM personal Computer AT (6183337)
    Advanced Diagnostics (6139804)

    Everything have been stored in an archive in perfect climate since new, I never had any problems with the Compaq floppies for example, they all have worked for me.
    I don't want to get rich, merely want this stuff to get appreciated somewhere, please write and notify me if you're interested!

    Sorry for the blurry (and tiny) overview picture. If anyone is interested I can post picture item by item.

    Oh, I'll have to be able to give Sweden's favourite auction site a go too, so it might not be VC forums exclusive this one.
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    I just got a Portable II, and the software package would be nice, but Sweden is a bit far from Canada. Shipping would probably be more expensive than I wish to pay.

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    I will look into shipping to US for a complete package next week. I will update the thread when I have a number, Canada should be exactly the same. My guess will be around 40 - 50$. Shipping only a single one of the Portable II books I reckon around half of that - but we'll see.
    Next week I will also be able to inventory my second stash of old stuff. I have more of these documentation sets there and I need to make sure I get to keep one complete set.


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