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    I need 8 of these MC6665 memory chips for my Coco-2 I found this memory number in this manual I download from here and the manual was Color Computer 2 NTSC Service Manual (26-3026 & 26-3027) (Tandy).pdf and I found what I need on page 18 and page in the document. I did a search on ebay with no hits. I anyone has any or know to get just post or send a PM. Thanks

    If there is other I can use please list them.
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    I have a bunch of MCM6665BP20 chips - 64Kx1 DRAM 200ns w/ 128 cycle 2ms refresh. Basically they're 4164's but with 7-bit refresh like 4116's rather than the 8-bit in 4164's. Various other IC manufacturers made similar DRAMs. I'm not familiar with the Coco-2 and the references I saw are somewhat ambiguous but it appears they used 5V-only 4116's.

    Prices seem to be all over the map for these. Let me know if you want some of them and we can come up with a price ... perhaps $20 for eight including shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmdlcar View Post
    I need 8 of these MC6665 memory chips...
    I have some MCM6665BP15 chips.
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    I found them all ready, thanks.


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