Hi there,

Just letting you know about a new game i've released for Commodore PET, called Mage: The Enchanted Crystals

In Mage: The Enchanted Crystals, you play as a young apprentice called Wizzy,
Wizzy has to find his father, who was working on a powerful spell that he captured inside a crystal and divided it into 4 pieces.
These 4 pieces of crystal were he buried inside the mines, just south of your village, just before he dissapeared..

It is now up to you to collect these pieces and bring them together inside the enchanted chest to ensure the spell doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Game trailer:

The game is available on cassette tape and as digital download.

I hope you will enjoy the game(s) and that you will cover them.
If you like what i'm doing there will be more releases out in 2018 for many classic computers, so stay tuned.

Other games i've developed for commodore computers include: Avalanche, Mayhem, Down!, Stairrunner, Shifted, Rush and Boxing Champ for the Commodore PET and Commodore VIC20. Visit my website for more information on them.

For more information about this and the many other retro games i am developing, check out my website at: http://www.revival-studios.com (you can subscribe to the newletter or join me on twitter @revival_studios for the latest updates as i am quite active).

If you have any questions , comments or suggestions. Feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

- Martijn / Revival Studios