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Thread: Ram badges - 64k and 128k

  1. Default Ram badges - 64k and 128k

    i only ordered 10 x 64k and 10 x 128k ram badges

    please make comments

    i notice that the font size for the work "ram" is smaller on the original
    also the "thickness" of the original badge greater than the reproductions
    other than that i think this is a close as i can get to a duplication of the original badges

    obviously the more i purhcase the lower the price - these 10 badges will each sell for $4.00 but larger quantities will lower this price

    Here are better photos: Photo 1 shows the badges. Photo 2 shows the NEW badge on the bevel. Photo 3 shows the OLD badge on the bevel. Photo 4 shows BOTH NEW and OLD badges


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    So it looks like the originals have a domed shape and the new ones are a little flatter? I like them and will probably get a few once you are sure this is the way to go. Can you flatten out that one you pulled and show the difference in height?

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    I edited the original post to show the differences

    Considering 40 year old stuff - damn close


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