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Thread: Hello. SWTPC owner

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    Default Hello. SWTPC owner


    Thought I would put up a quick intro. Being an Acorn 8bit user in the UK I have always spent most of my time on the stardot forums (same username).

    But recently I purchased an SWTPC and found the world community of SWTPC seemed quite small, and the UK community even smaller. My reason for stepping out of my usual 6502 based UK machines comfort zone; because it was an SWTPC that was the first machine I ever used as my Dad had one. So this is a trip down memory lane. I think he probably had a 6809 system but unfortunately I cant ask him.

    I have already started a thread about my SWTPC system, so rather than duplicate if people are interested they can see it here.

    But in general I plan to lurk around the 'Other' section here looking for new SWTPC, SS-50/30 or 6800 posts.

    I may also take my SWTPC 6800 to future Acorn events in the UK, so if any UK SWTPC users are interested in popping a long we can see what we can arrange.

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    Welcome to SWTPC-ville. I have a couple of 6800 systems, a few of their CT1024 terminals and one CT-82 terminal.

    The SWTPC community is not large - but I have found a few people who were very helpful here and on the cctalk mailing list.

    I haven't done much with mine recently - I was working on building a replica of the PPG joystick, but am currently finishing Don Lancaster's (SWTPC produced) original TV Typewriter.

    Anyway, if you have questions I *can* answer or help with, always glad to.

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    Excellent thanks.

    Yes I think a lot of the topic on vcfed I have seen with regards to SWTPC have a post in from you, now if only you could move to the UK we might have enough people for a user meet up.

    It is quite a step learning curve as I last used an SWTPC when I was < 10. Thankfully I have had previous experience of similar barebones systems playing around with L-Star SBC and RC2014 Z80 (of which I have got but not yet used Ben Chong's 6809 cpu board).

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    Welcome! My SWTPC is still a mostly empty box, though I do at least now have a power supply for it Bob Applegate/Corsham Tech has a bunch of new-made SS-50 and SS-30 stuff if you find yourself needing boards to complete your system.

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    Luckily mine came with full service history and was still a working system, I have the original receipt but no date on it. I should think very late 70's, maybe 80's as it has the 16K RAM boards.

    I did post a few questions on his [Bob's] forum about his kit. I shall probably end up getting the parallel port and SD card reader. Although he mentioned would need a little bit of work to make it work with SWTPC. Other boards I may have a look at reproducing from hi-res screen shots. For no real reason other than by modern standard they are relatively easy.

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    FYI, I have been working with my Corsham Technologies 6800 system (a SWTPC replica system) and fig-FORTH.

    I just posted my fig-FORTH_6800 package at the end of this thread:

    Good luck!


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    Yes. I know, I watched that topic with interest (and have it subscribed) from your first post, but had nothing helpful I could add.

    Well done. I am aware of Corsham, I toyed with the idea of getting the parallel/SD combo and fitting it to the SWTPC although it would require some rework to make it work.

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