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Thread: TIKI-100 *.DSK Image access

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    Default TIKI-100 *.DSK Image access

    Here is a URL to a guide for accessing the files in the Tiki-100 Images.

    While this is not entirely on topic anymore, I think it makes for a
    pretty good bit of trivia for you lot:

    In 1983 there was a machine designed for use in primary schools here in
    Norway. It was called the Kon-Tiki, then it was sued for that name and
    was later called Tiki (btw Kon-Tiki was Thor Heyerdahls famous raft). It
    had a Z80 processor with 64k of base memory and 32k of video memory. It
    used an operating system called KP/M which was, the creators claimed,
    written by themselves. The K in KP/M alegedly came from "Kontroll Programm
    for Mikroprosessorer". This is the Norwegian translation of Control
    Program for Microprocessors. Some people said that the K came from
    Konrad, the first name of the creator of the machine.

    However, DRI later looked trough the code of this OS and found the text
    "Copyright Digital Research" several times in the code, so it wasn't
    quite as original as Tiki wanted us to beileve. So after 1985 or so, Tiki
    Data AS (the manufacturers) paid licencing fees to DRI, and they also
    changed the name of the OS to TIKO. I have a programming manual for the
    TIKO and it has all the CP/M 2.2 BIOS and BDOS calls (at least I think
    so, it actually reports CP/M 2.2 when asked over the getversion bios call).

    Tiki made the BRUM word processor and the TIKI-KALK spread sheet. I also
    have the Tiki version of Python (ie SNAKE).

    Has anybody read this far? :-)) Allright, not that useful - but nice CP/M
    trivia nonetheless.


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    The main Tiki site is here:
    Unfortunately, it's only in Norwegian.
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