This is the machine from my earlier SPARCstation IPC Capacitor Carnage thread -- it's been recapped, cleaned up, burned in, and is fully operational once again! This is, as far as I'm aware, the first of Sun's "lunchbox" form factor machines. It's roughly hardware-equivalent to a SPARCstation 1+ with a bwtwo grayscale framebuffer installed. It's been completely gone through, aside from the cap clean-up it of course got a new NVRAM, the hard disk was fully tested, RAM was upgraded from 12 MB (12x 1 MB SIMMs) to 16 MB (4x 4 MB SIMMs), and a clean install of SunOS 4.1.4 was done. I updated to the patched `date` command that is Y2K compliant, as seen in the login picture. It's also got GNU Screen and ircII installed

I've got color framebuffer boards if someone is interested but would rather have color.

This machine has a much older "feel" to it than the SPARCstation IPX/SPARCstation 2. I think the big "user experience" difference is the grayscale graphics!