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Thread: HRS 80 Model 2 Boot error

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    You find the foam only on ebay at:

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    Sorry, bit late to this party!

    @TheCorflot I have used these pads and they are good, if a little expensive.

    This video explains it:

    It's boring and repetitive work, which is why I only replace pads on my keyboard when they fail. Plus, I'm lazy, so many of my keys still have the original foam.

    I'm in the UK in case you need more support. My Model II is rigged to boot off the HxC which is plugged into the external drive connector. I modified the internal drive so that it didn't need the terminator, and connected the HxC using the NF6X 34/50 adapter. The internal drive is now selected by via DS2. Regarding the keyboard, it is capacitative, so the Mylar disks don't need to touch the PCB. And if I may say so, it's got the nicest "feel" in use that I've ever experienced.

    Once you're up and running, a worthwhile add-on is a Hans02 adapter and LoTech IDE card with a 128MB DOM. There are drivers for TRS-DOS and Lifeboat CP/M (but you still need to boot off the floppy). There are some YouTube videos I made about this setup here:

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    Thanks guys, I will order some complete pads

    Hello and thanks very much for your help, please tell me more about your drive modifications and your NF6X settings.. sounds like the best way to go


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    First off, I removed the jumper leads from the drive. You can see them on the board, they're made out of wire wrap cable. There is a header on each end. Take a photo before removal.
    Fit short jumpers where one of the long jumpers came off (at the source). Hummm that is pretty vague but it's how I described it in a previous post. Now the internal drive can work on its own without the terminator.

    What I said was:
    I took the long jumper leads out of my 8" drive and fitted short jumpers to the source location. These "long leads" (which are about 4" long) take the drive termination lines onto unused lines on the 50 way cable, so that they can be terminated externally if need be (when you use an external drive expansion bay). Effectively, I believe I have terminated the 8" floppy lines on its own PCB. It seems the HxC, which is the other device I have connected to the 50 way floppy bus via the FD50TO34 way board, doesn't seem to mind at all. Net effect, I can use the internal drive as well as the HxC (three drive system, with HxC as A: and B:, and the internal floppy drive as C: ).
    Also some info here

    Next, I built the NF6X card. It is set as JP3 and JP2 middle pin to top (fully white on the screen print layer) pin. The drive select jumpers are untouched. JP1 and JP4 open.
    To connect, just run a 50 way ribbon from the board to the floppy connector (where the terminator used to be) Pin 1 is at the left as you face the back of the Model II. This coincides with the side of the NF6X card where JP1 is.
    The HxC is connected to the other side. I have a knackered old cable that is probably back to front (Pin 1 as shown by the red wire is closest to JP3 on the adapter, other way round than the 50 way cable). Not sure it is oriented right (the red wire that is, not the cable itself, as the thing works fine).
    Don't forget that if you wish to boot off the HxC, you need to change the DS jumper on the 8" drive so it is not 0; I moved it to 2 so that the HxC is 0 and 1.

    There are other improvements worth making - see
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