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    My first introduction to computers was in the 1970s. I programmed in BASIC and assembler language on a PDP-8 and a PDP-11. In the 1980s, I was introduced to he VAX-11/780, learned to write code in FORTRAN, Pascal and C. Of course all, of these machines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So I could only hope one day there would be a computer for me.

    In 1984, I purchased by first real computer (A NEC PC-8201A) for $450.00. It was my constant companion. Unfortunately it was powered by a 80C85 and had a measly 16K of RAM (for BASIC programs and text files).

    In 1987, I was working as a software engineer, so I felt the need to purchase an AT&T 6300 for $3,200. This machine had 256K of RAM and dual 360K floppies. Luckily, third party vendors provided what I was missing. I filled my RAM to 640K, and added 2 MB EMS card. I bought a Plus HardCard, giving me 40MB of hard disk storage. I obtained a 8087 math co-processor.

    In 1990, I bought my third machine, a Toshiba T1000SE. This was a five-pound notebook computer. Joy of Joys.

    Eventually, my two notebook machines died, due to problems with charging the battery. Their replacement was the ultra-portable 2-AA battery powered, HP-200lx. What a wonderful machine! I still have it after 21 years, and I would trade it for anything in the world!

    -- Kit

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    Welcome, Nice! I have the NEC PS-8201A (nice machine), worked at the AT&T Hotline (Networking group) and have the T1000SE (on it's original battery) plus some other stuff.


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