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Thread: IBM 5322 - System/23 - help needed - ROM image

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    I think I have the ROMs read and can write with my TopMax programmer...

    I desoldered and socketted all of the ROMs in my 5322. I have read them (with the warning) but it looks like they read okay however I have no way to confirm this. To try to confirm that I could read and recreate a ROM, I wrote out two MCM68766 EPROMs and put them in place and I get the same boot up error with no additional errors so the ROMs are, at least, passing the POST. My ROM "13" is visibly corrupt so I can't get past this to confirm the home-made EPROMs work but it's something.

    That said, here is the archive of ROS ROMs for my IBM 5322. I enclosed a picture and numbered the ROMs in the picture for reference. I used, what I thought were the IBM part numbers (couldn't read one) but hopefully this helps.

    Alex, the "0B" ROM is in there if you have a way to write it out. If you have a way to read the "13" ROM, I would appreciate it. If you send me your ROM, I can read it and send you back your ROM plus a programmed "OB" EPROM and hopefully this will help you out.

    One other thing to note. I think my "19" ROM is blank but I don't get an error on it. I wonder if this is part of a "patch" ROM and blank is okay?

    Al, feel free to do whatever you'd like with the ROMs. I hope this helps someone else out but I do need a clean "13" ROM to complete the set.

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    Default Machine or ROM versions?

    The ROMs in my machine seem to be older than the ones on bitsavers. They're all dated 1980. (They're also socketed, so I'll eventually get around to trying to read them.) So far they all pass power on tests.

    Anyone know about the interchangeability of these things? I.e. could my machine be upgraded with the bitsavers images if that set were complete and undamaged? Or is there hardware versioning that would prevent success?

    Photo here - S/23 ROMs



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