I think I have the ROMs read and can write with my TopMax programmer...

I desoldered and socketted all of the ROMs in my 5322. I have read them (with the warning) but it looks like they read okay however I have no way to confirm this. To try to confirm that I could read and recreate a ROM, I wrote out two MCM68766 EPROMs and put them in place and I get the same boot up error with no additional errors so the ROMs are, at least, passing the POST. My ROM "13" is visibly corrupt so I can't get past this to confirm the home-made EPROMs work but it's something.

That said, here is the archive of ROS ROMs for my IBM 5322. http://vintagecomputer.ca/files/IBM/...ROS%20ROMs.zip I enclosed a picture and numbered the ROMs in the picture for reference. I used, what I thought were the IBM part numbers (couldn't read one) but hopefully this helps.

Alex, the "0B" ROM is in there if you have a way to write it out. If you have a way to read the "13" ROM, I would appreciate it. If you send me your ROM, I can read it and send you back your ROM plus a programmed "OB" EPROM and hopefully this will help you out.

One other thing to note. I think my "19" ROM is blank but I don't get an error on it. I wonder if this is part of a "patch" ROM and blank is okay?

Al, feel free to do whatever you'd like with the ROMs. I hope this helps someone else out but I do need a clean "13" ROM to complete the set.