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Thread: Looking for IBM hardware screws + Full Height 5.25 drive

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    Default Looking for IBM hardware screws + Full Height 5.25 drive

    I got my first 5160 locally, but it has no floppy, just a big hole where the floppy goes. Also it doesn't have the 5 screws that secure the case on. Hoping one person has both a floppy /w screws and the 5 screws to secure the case. Please PM me if you can help me out.


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    Whereabouts on the world are you ?

    Consider updating the 'location' part of your profile ('My Profile'/'About Me'/Location).

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    Didn't realize I didn't have my location, updated now. I am in Oklahoma, USA.

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    It is possible to use one or even two Half Height floppy drives in that 'big hole'. With no hard drive two floppies is way more useful than just one.
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    The memories I have of systems like this always sported a full height drive. That is probably why I like the astechics of the full height drive.

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    Hey guys I sourced a parts machine on ebay for my missing hardware. So I should be good now.


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