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Thread: FOR SALE: 1961 Minivac 601 Computer with Original Manuals

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    Default FOR SALE: 1961 Minivac 601 Computer with Original Manuals


    I'm located in Greenville, SC and selling a Minivac 601 Computer in excellent condition from 1961. It's missing the original box and jump wires, but comes with the manual (parts 1-6), which is really fun to look through!

    A little info:
    • The computer appears to be in working condition. A light comes on when it's plugged in, but it has not been fully tested
    • It's been stored in an air conditioned home, out of direct sunlight
    • Virtually no cosmetic wear, except for some slight paint fading that would be normally present on an item this old
    • The first part of the manual has some water damage

    Absolutely willing to ship to anyone within the U.S. who wants to buy. And if you happen to be in the area, would be open to scheduling a pick up.

    Asking for $400 plus shipping


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    Nice system, I hope someone here gets it.


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    Thanks so much!

    I certainly hope so too. It would be a great addition to anyone's collection

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