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Thread: WTB Something for my uncle (Vintage Computer/Console collector)

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    Default WTB Something for my uncle (Vintage Computer/Console collector)

    Hi guys, I'm quite new here so excuse me if I overlooked some of the items on the sellers page. I am not too familiar with vintage computers, so any suggestions here would be very welcome. My Uncle get laid off recently after the Ontario's teacher strike and hasn't been too well mentally as teaching was one of his greatest passions and he has been living divorced for quite a while now. I know that he is a huge vintage collector so I am looking for something that has worth and super cool to play around with/put in a shelf. I am willing to pay anywhere around or under $10k. If you have something to offer please let me know below! Thank you.

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    Do you know what brands of computers he collected, e.g. IBM, Apple, Commodore, etc.? Or what era of computers he was interested in, e.g. early 70's, late 70's, early 80's, late 80's, etc.? That might help us.


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