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Thread: Catastrophic HDD failure (large pics)

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    IBM hard drives (except for that one batch of deskstars) have been rock solid for ages, kind of a shame they sold the line off but then again IBM does not play in the commodity field which is what most PC hardware is these days.
    Around 1993 I was building a dual boot Win 3.1 and OS/2 machine based on a DX2-80 cpu and I was lucky enough to trade some stuff for an IBM 0664 2GB SCSI drive to use with it. Once Adaptec sent me a ROM update for my A1522 it was a fast and rock solid drive in that system. If I recall correctly, it was about a $2k drive at that time, so I was happy I wasn't actually buying it.
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    CDC Wren drives have also held up well. I'm still running a 386 with a FH 300MB SCSI Wren IV drive. Driven with an Ultrastor 14N controller (a fairly rare bird).


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