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Thread: SMS 11X PDP-23 rescue

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbscpe View Post
    So you say the SC02/033 emulated a RP02/3, RK06/07,... or RM02/03/05... on a Q-Bus and it was software compatible with the original DEC drivers? I must find some more information about this. The RLV12/Hack is really limited with just 4 RL02 drives and I would love to build another Hack that emulates something a little bit larger, say at least 30Mbyte, but still is not as complex as a MSCP emulation.
    Yes, if you look at you will find manuals for Emulex controllers. The SC0351002-J_SC03tech_Nov84.pdf describes the SC03 which can emulate an RM05 drive which managed a CDC 9766 disk pack (SMD type drive) with roughly 256MB per drive. If you used a larger fixed drive, the controller could partition up to four slices. This type of controller was intended to interface the drive at a pretty low level and has 20 or 22 registers.

    The actual DEC OS compatibility was good, but not always to the diagnostic programs (see above manual). Some combinations of drives and proms worked seamlessly, but others (IIRC) may have required a patch or other tweak to handle partitions that didn't match standard DEC pack sizes or perhaps 22bit addressing. is a good summary of the product line mid 1985.


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    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for the links and for confirming. In other words my next project will be a RH70 emulator. I will try if I can emulate a RM05 on my RLV12/Hack hardware.



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