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Thread: HP 21mx - Plans & Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    One can always toggle stuff in from the front panel.


    If you get the power supply straightened out, there are two short front-panel programs on my 2109E page:

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    I used the timeshare BASIC offered on the 2100MX accessed using 110 baud AS33 Teletype machines in the late seventies. I once wrote a nifty communication program using a shared text array that we thought was pretty neat as a sort of printing order wire around a large campus, until we heard that the HP SE had been called into investigate continuous seeking thrashing on the disk drive caused by the polling of the text array....

    Later I helped support a NOAA mission in the Pacific that used the old Transit navigation system (predecessor to GPS). The "CPU" was a rack mounted 2100 booted from paper tape with a dedicated Magnavox bridge unit fitted with nixi tubes for lat/long display. There is a nice write up by one of the Torrance based employees, Bob Horne, here:

    The system I supported was not quite as elaborate as that shown as the INS wasn't part of the system. We keep this thing running on clean power buy using a 230 VAC 50 AC to 110 VAC 60 Hz motor generator with a large flywheel to smooth out variations in the ship's AC supply.
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