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Thread: Coco2 composite video or CocoVGA

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    Default Coco2 composite video or CocoVGA

    I have a 9 inch LCD composite monitor from a 2 screen DVD player. What I think is take the screen only which has RCA plugs fro video and sound. Then buy this. but I was thinking about this then I could my Computer monitor

    I can use the 9 inch when but then I use my big LED TV to play Games on it. But it while before I can do it. What do you think about this?

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    Ed Snider builds both of those boards. I am the designer of the logic on the FPGA on CoCoVGA.

    The composite mod is quite nice. I have a few of these and installed some for people as well. The hardest part is desoldering the RF can. You just need a 1/8" headphone jack to dual RCA splitter to get video and mono audio out.

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    They are both great solutions depending on which monitor you intend to use most often. I don't know if you can have both. I get by on my TDP-100 with a Mark Data Products video board (no longer made). Ed's is probably better.

    Tandy Electronics TDP-100 Inside by Albert Hartman, on Flickr

    Normal Display by Albert Hartman, on Flickr
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    Hi Al

    Would you have a Schematic of the "" Mark Data Products video board ""
    Thanks Ray
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