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Thread: The passing of Syd Bolton

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    Default The passing of Syd Bolton

    I was very upset to learn yesterday of the passing of Syd Bolton, after a hospital stay. Syd was an early collector and exhibitor of personal computers and game consoles, had them in a public space he opened up free of charge where they could be used, and a positive activist for our community. He had what many believe to be the largest collection of personal computers, consoles, games, and software in Canada.

    A fundraiser to help support Syd's family during this difficult time is here:
    Offering a bounty for:
    - A working Sanyo MBC-775
    - Documentation and original disks for: Panasonic Sr. Partner, Zenith Z-160 series
    - Music Construction Set, IBM Music Feature edition (has red sticker on front stating IBM Music Feature)
    - Any very old/ugly IBM joystick (such as the Franklin JS-123)

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    the PC Museume in Brantford?

    wow, I was there in September (of 2017 of course), he complimented me on my Sony Mavica (floppy disc camera) I brought with me, when I went to visit.

    Glad I got to meet and talk to him, although briefly at least once.

    I'm not sure, is this totally sudden and random, or has he been having serious health problems for some time?

    Either way, he was still young, and this sucks big time.

    This is just one of the many photos I took, but I think it's the best to put here, as it is the front of the back building on his property, that the museum is located inside:

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    Damn, sorry to hear this. I met Syd at a museum day when I was temporarily living in the area in ~2012. Definitely one of those guys who had big visions and the big personality to see them through. Hopefully somebody can step in to carry on the museum and keep up the work he started. I understand there were quite a few volunteers helping him out with the place.

    I donated a PS/2 Model 30/286 to the museum when I was clearing stuff out at the time and had no space for it. It never appeared on the collection pages unfortunately, so I don't know what happened to it... If anyone's seen it there, I'd love to know.


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