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There should be metal glued to the foam pad with mylar on the outside. That side contacts the pad on the pcb.
The stiff plastic clips onto the keyswitch assembly'

I tried pulling one of the Texelec pads apart, and it's definitely NOT aluminized mylar on the pad. I wasn't able to
measure any resistance on the 'silver' part.

The ones I made a few years ago used metal, and you definitely could measure low resistance on the glued side.

hmm.. now I'm going to have to try the ones I bought as well to see if they work..
Hello Al Kossow! I have sent you a message on eBay as I was able to locate your order. Let me know if you'd like me to send you replacements with the new material. I'd love for you to have some with the new aluminum plated Mylar material I am now using. I will have more for sale as well as soon as I get the replacements filled and at least one Lisa under my belt. Thanks so much Al!