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Thread: Toshiba Satellite Pro

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    When I came home today I found a Toshiba Satellite Pro 490XCDT Laptop. There no battery or power supply so I'm not sure if it even works. It has a Intel Pentium II MMX CPU. If I find a power supply it might be good for a Dos Computer for me.

    Anyone know anything about it?

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    I've got one of those. It's from 1998. Not sure what else to say about it. There's a lot of information online, like the manual and advertising material, so I won't quote that info. Toshiba Europe has the scoop on that stuff. If I remember correctly I've got FreeBSD 8 on it, but yes, it would be a great DOS machine. Stick a PCMCIA network card in it and you're off to the races. However, without a power supply I can't see much value in it.

    I've somehow ended up with a bit of a Toshiba collection. A 460CDT (P-2 1997), A T1910 (486SX 1994) as well as older and newer ones. Toshiba laptops seem to be really common, but I thought it would be a nice collection to have one from each generation.
    WANTED: Cardinal 2450MNP modem.

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    So a decent laptop for its time, you can easily game on it as well.
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    I have 3 Laptop charger and none will plugin into it. I have a dell acer and HP and none will plugin.

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    You should be able to use a lot of differnt supplies. It is a large plug though, but it's mickeymousable as long as you have 15VDC 3A Center plus.
    WANTED: Cardinal 2450MNP modem.

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    I keep a universal AC Adapter around includes various different ends for laptops, Can't remember how much i paid for it, Bought it years ago. The genuine Toshiba adapters should be available on ebah and pretty cheap the last time i looked.

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    I look for the memory and hard drive but not sure where it is unless I have to take it apart.


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