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Thread: Needham's EMP-20 Device Programmer

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    Default Needham's EMP-20 Device Programmer

    I have acquired a new/old addition to my collection of device programmers, A Needham's EMP-20, Anyone know what the last revision of the DOS software for this programmer was ?, I looked on the Needham's site but could not find anything for the EMP-20, I did however find a website with info and rev 4.18 of the DOS Software.

    Also the PSU is 120v as i had it shipped over from the USA, The output is 12VAC 2A, From the info i can find, A 15VDC 3A is also suitable, I went digging in my boxes of adapters and found a 15VDC 3.5A with center pin positive, As the original PSU Outputs AC the polarity won't be an issue or will it for this programmer ?.


    EDIT: Never mind, Tested and seem's to be working fine.
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