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Thread: DEC Rainbow modern display options

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    Search for gbs8200 on ebay. I found one for ~20$ shipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2icebitn View Post
    Search for gbs8200 on ebay. I found one for ~20$ shipped.
    That is good, but for anyone considering this board for VR241 replacement, you will also need an LM1881 to separate the synch pulses.


    PS. For reference, here is a thread I started five years ago on this topic : . It may be useful.
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    Thanks for all the replies, I didn't expect so many!

    Unfortunately the VR201 I received with the machine was thrown out, it never had a VR241 with it despite having the graphics option (which I have successfully ran diagnostics on) for some reason. I'm guessing that's because the main use for my Rainbow was running dBase under CP/M. The VR201's CRT was covered in lots of cataracts and the capacitors must have leaked really badly as an unbelievably large amount of red goo/liquid was leaking out of it. I guess someone with a lot of time and patience may have been able to attempt a repair, but it was beyond my ability to do anything with sadly.

    I think I've settled on trying to use a GBS 8200 and sync separator to connect a VGA monitor as I managed to pick one up for 20 shipped and have the bits to build a sync separator based on the LM1881 on the way as well. Even if its not perfect, it'll be a lot better than any of the solutions I've used to get a video output from my Rainbow so far, so for the price I'll be quite happy if it all works. I'll report back on how I get on as I should have time to get it all built and set up next week providing all the parts arrive on time.

    I have already made up a cable to go from the Rainbow's video output to VGA so I should hopefully be all set after I have pieced together the VR241 replacement from the GBS 8200 and LM1881


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