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Thread: PS/2 Model 76 keeps locking up

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    I think I might have got it. It was the settings for the XGA2 card. I just ran the autoconfiguration and figured that's what the settings were supposed to be but I remember reading somewhere that the XGA2 card wouldn't work stably if a certain setting is not exactly right. I forget where that was and now I can't find it so maybe I was just imagining it.

    But I was watching one of LGRs videos of his 8590 and it showed his settings and just copied them verbatim and so far, so good.

    Video I/O address: Instance 1 2110h - 211Fh
    1MB VRAM Aperture Base Address: Disabled
    Video Arbitration Level: Arbitration Level 11
    Video Fairness: Fairness On
    ROM Address Range: C0000h - C1FFFh

    Knock on wood....

    EDIT: Ah crap, nevermind. Still locks up.
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