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Thread: Kaypro 4/84 Case Fan

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    Default Kaypro 4/84 Case Fan

    Looking to replace this quite noisy fan. Any suggestions that have worked well for others?

    Also, it seems that when installed properly the fan is pulling air into the case and seems to me it should be the other way around, but I don't know for sure with this machine.

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    You are very right! I forgot to mention in the other thread. I found that odd to about the air direction. I have the fan exhausting air out the back. Im not concerned with changing that considering how many vent slits the kaypro has.

    And if you are curious I tied into the 12VDC line from the floppy drive power cable if your machine doesnt already have spare 12Vdc leads.

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    If you guys find a source for the fan unit, pease post it. I have a noisy one as well.


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    I've reversed fans on older PCs. It's mostly a matter of where you want your dust. If the case fan exhausts to the outside, then air will be pulled in from the floppy slots (particularly in the case of 5.25" floppies, such as those that a Kaypro uses. This dust can eventually foul the heads and mechanism.

    On the other hand, sucking in clean air from the outside can work wonders to keep things clean. For that, you need a filter.

    Most industrial rack-mount cases have large filters to bring in clean outside air. Usually, they're some sort of open-cell foam or furnace-type fiberglass filter. They work great, as long as they're kept clean.

    When offices started putting PCs on the floor, the systems suffered mightily from dirt picked up from the floor, since the systems were intended to be used on the desktop.


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