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Thread: Atari 800 and XE disk drive options

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    Default Atari 800 and XE disk drive options

    I've got both an Atari XE and 800XL. Have never owned a drive. The local game store got a 1050 that is themed to look like a 600. They want $50, and that seems a bit high. Wondering if I should take it, or if there is a better drive, or model that is aesthetically closer to the units I'd be using it with?

    Thanks in advance for any chat on the topic! I'd be considerably more active on this forum, if the moderators would please take my hand cuffs off.

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    The 1050 drive matches the style of the 800XL, and is a good workhorse drive. $50 isn't a bad price if it works and has the power supply and maybe the data cable. The XF551 drive Atari put out to replace the 1050 is styled to match the XE systems, and it's a double sided, double density drive. However, it will only operate like a 1050 with Atari DOS 2.5, and they seem to go for a lot more than $50 on eBay.


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