I am delighted to announce the availability of our Arduino based S100 board that allows you to program and use either Arduino “UNO” style setup or an Arduino “Mega” approach – using an Atmega 328 or Atmega 2560 CPU. Both board configurations act also as “regular” S100 bus I/O boards. There is a classical UNO set of “Arduino Shields” on the board so you can use the numerous shield boards out there.

You will however need to get familiar with the Arduino IDE environment. As a head start, you might want to pick up an Arduino UNO and practice. Having worked with the Arduino hardware/software environment I now see why it is so popular. The software support is outstanding. Even sophisticated things like Rd/Wr to a file on a micro SD card are trivial. There are an enormous number of excellent “Shield” boards for almost any application you can think of. The board also has a large “patch area” for you to add your own circuits.

I would rate this board fairly easy to build and get working. The Write-up is written with a beginner in mind. It is described here:-

I am opening up the board now to a group purchase of the bare board. Most of our regular members know the drill!

Only reply here if you would like a board. Do not e-mail me directly. The board(s) will run $16/board + shipping, payable via PayPal after you receive your board(s). The board will be fabricated by PCBCart (China) and will take ~3 weeks to ship etc., so probably mid-July for me to send them out.

BTW, since there are two configurations of the board you might consider getting two boards
Based on past board orders I anticipate a large number of boards. Please follow the instructions above directly so your order does not get lost. If you a new to the forum I will contact you later for a shipping address.

As always building a board like this is not for a complete novice. Unfortunately I cannot provide any instructions/assistance other than what is on the above web page. This strictly a hobby not a business!

John Monahan