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Thread: Philips P3800 TurboDos - infos anybody?

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    Default Philips P3800 TurboDos - infos anybody?


    Hi everybody,

    I got a Philips P3800 System today running TurboDOS 1.4. Apparently, it is a 8088 architecture (not Z80 which I expected).
    Unfortunately, there is only some information on the P3500 (Z80/CP/M comaptible?) available, but not on the P3800.

    Does anybody has Information, Software, Documentation or some other related info on this specific machine?

    The most important point deals with the startup procedure: it is asking for a username/password, which I do not know. Is there any procedure to apply to reset the passwords? Or is there a standard maintenance password available?

    Attached a short video showing the boot procedure

    Thanks a lot and best regards

    ..the unit is really heavy >50kg. My compact car was completely filled (main unit, two terminals, two heavy printers with stand,....)
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    Bitsavers has TurboDos manuals though I don't see any disk images for 1.4. Good place to start. I think that TurboDOS passwords could be cleared with a boot disk. explains the password storage method. gives one attempt to do that. If you understand German, drop to the original.

    Hope this helps a little. I am relying on web searches to supplement vague memories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krebizfan View Post explains the password storage method.
    Thanks a lot.
    Next step is to save the content of the two MFM hard drives with the famous MFM emulator from David Gesswein, hopefully it is possible reconstruct the file structure and to read the password file.

    The computer museum of the Amsterdam university may have the manuals. I am in contact with a friendly guy from that institution, I will keep you updated on this matter.

    Best regards


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