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Thread: Franklin Ace 1000 help needed.

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    Question Franklin Ace 1000 help needed.

    I just picked up a Franklin Ace 1000 (Apple II Clone) and a TON of amazing games/software all complete in box and in very good condition.

    I would love to get some of these titles working, I really don't know much about vintage computer operation.

    So far, I have gotten the computer to power on. The screen displays the header "Ace 1000 v2.2", the disk drive is running (making sounds), and that is about as far as I have gotten.

    I cannot get the keyboard to respond at all. I don't know if there is something I am missing? Is there a way I can troubleshoot the keyboard?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Here is an imgur link with a few photos.


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    It is trying to load a disk, put a disk in the drive and close the door.
    You can press the reset key (sometimes its configured to be both control and reset at the same time) to break out to a basic command prompt.

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    The keyboard uses capacitive switches. They're the same switches you'd find on the Apple Lisa keyboards. The mylar surface in the switches are more than likely bad. The mylar material eventually wears out, and loses its ability to hold a charge across the x/y pads. Also, the foam pad breaks down, which causes the stem in the switch not to reach the bottom surface. The pads have to be replaced. There are some people who make the pads and sell them on eBay.

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    So did the RESET button get you to the BASIC prompt? I don't remember all the versions of the Franklin EPROMs but if you didn't get back to BASIC then that is a soft-boot system which only has a loader in the EPROM, not BASIC.


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    Sorry, I didn't look at the pictures. Definitely not a soft-boot machine.

    You should be able to boot from a Franklin DOS or Apple DOS disk (16 sector format).



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