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Thread: Northstar Advantage requires floppy to boot

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    Default Northstar Advantage requires floppy to boot

    I have to admit I'm new to CP/M and the Northstar Advantage I got I have no manuals for. So I thought the hard drive was out of order when I got it because it didn't boot from it. But a friend of mine snet me a backup of a boot disk he had and I tried it to see if the computer actually worked. and it sure did, but to my surprise it booted the hard drive when the disk was in. so the hard drive doesn't boot by itself when you press enter. Is that how it is supposed to be or what? And how do I access the floppy? Because as an old dos user I tried A: B: C: etc but everyone of those seem to map to a partition on the hard drive. so where is floppy? DF0: as on the amiga?


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    Hi. The Advantage does boot from the floppy. The hard drive then becomes accessible. During the boot, you will see a message telling you that you can see the letters identifying the various drives by pressing the semicolon key within a few seconds. The floppy drive is usually the last letter in the list.

    Bear in mind that the Advantage has a Keytronic keyboard with foam pads that fail after many years. A search will find advice about making your replacement foam pads.

    The other issue is about finding hard sector floppy disks - that's a challenge.

    The Advantage is a good computer and it's good to hear about one that is being kept running.



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