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Thread: Vote on my next project!

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    I'm not sure if it was the first issue of Make magazine, but I seem to recall seeing a wire wrapped Apple ][ clone on the very back page. I know, no one cares, just carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by falter View Post
    I think for me the problem is that when you've got a lot of wires installed, I find it very hard to follow them and make changes. It makes me go crosseyed! I have a Z80 homebrew machine that is all wirewrap and it was a nightmare trying to follow where things went.
    Wrapping wire does come in colors, you know. I like to use colors to denote the wire length. If I'm looking for a wire that goes from point A to point B, I have a rough idea of how long it should be. Some color-code their signals--other than power, I've never found that to be useful.

    I've moved to using plain single-sided FR4 PCB and drilling for socket pins, relieving the foil side so it doesn't short out the pins. The foil makes a great ground plane and the end product looks very neat.

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    Make a parallel output of the TVT to be used by your Poly88.


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