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Thread: Replies to PMs invisible/not sent?

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    Default Replies to PMs invisible/not sent?

    So, I write up a reply to a PM but after it is submitted it doesn't show up for me ANYWHERE.... I would expect it to show up under sent etc?

    This seems to have been this way for me for a long time... is this intentional?

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    Towards the bottom of the Send New Message screen, there is a checkbox with text "Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder." Is that box checked? You may need to scroll down a bit. I only have the first of the 4 Additional Options visible with the display I use right now.

    I cleared it in the process of copying the text. VB processes clicks well outside of the checkbox so it may have cleared by accident.

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    Ok I completely missed that, kinda makes sense though due to the small PM box size.

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