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Thread: what is the purple puter in the bottom of the photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mR_Slug View Post
    I'd certainly pick that lot up if i were close by. If you find a couple of 486 motherboards you don't want, and put them back on eBay, and you've got it for free.
    It would be an 8-10 hour round trip, not exactly nearby. The only way I'd consider it is if people had a definitive interest and a cash pool to buy it, plus expenses (gas, food, shipping, etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mR_Slug View Post
    I did say "EATX sized". No your right they do not conform to an EATX standard, they were built before it existed. I have one with a Tyan 2500 motherboard in it. I did take out the 3.5" HDD bays because it was cramped, and I did cut a hole in the front to give more air. Though this thing ran with 3x 10k drives and a Wildcat Graphics card for years (well until the PSU died, then till the next PSU died, high wattage 5V PSUs are hard to find). On the Antec cs600 I have this case that must be a model up from that, never could find out what it is though:
    Attachment 46436

    That's a Tyan i860 motherboard with a huge memory board. Side note: This motherboard does not use ATX/EPS12V pinout, you WILL break something if you try it without an adapter cable.
    Internally that looks a lot like the Antec CS600. I would need to see the front. My 12" x 13" Intel SSI EEB mobo wouldn't fit, not w/o surgery. Which is remarkable, given it was a full tower, filer server, soho case.

    My Corsaid VS650 came today. Wish me luck. Imagine if I got both units working this week (the Xeon and the Asus netbook). I'll screech! Asus remarkably is doing their best to help me thus far I'll point out.

    Hasn't Intel, obviously, and Supermicro cornered the market on the Xeon stuff? I've seen Tyans and Asus mobos around, I'm just a little apprehensive about those brands. Of course if mine works I won't have to go shopping for something else.


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