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Thread: Hello from Heysham

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    Hi all

    Daver2 put me onto this group after helping me 'obtain' a TRS-80 model 4 from work that he used in the 80's and then was sat on a shelf when I saw it in about 1990, and was still sat on a shelf when I rediscovered it last month.

    seem to be slipping back into my youth and accumulating a few machines

    PET 3032
    TRS-80 Model 4
    Apple II europlus with Microsoft Z80 Softcard
    BBC model B
    48k Spectrum
    ZX81 (not working)

    The TRS hasnt been turned on yet, might change some of the capacitors before trying it. Then I need to locate some software, we seem to have lost all the stuff from work, so might need to download and recreate some.
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