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Thread: Getting my new found N* Horizon working

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    Quote Originally Posted by glitch View Post
    Mine required replacement of several slots on the motherboard due to a mouse house
    KID:- Mum, Grandads old computer is not working as it should and smells
    MUM:- Son, its probably just like he is now in the Nursing home, and has bugs.
    KID:- No Mum its worse than having a "BUG"
    MUM:- How so son ?
    KID:- Gramps computer has a 'MOUSE HOUSE' at address 03F8

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    I made significant progress to day. First, there was one error in my monitor code that I put in the EPROM. It required erasing and programming a second time.
    I had an error in my simple terminal program as well. I have a simple terminal program that I'd written in Forth many years ago. It is simple to add things that one wants or remove things that don't make sense for this use. The first thing I did was to edit the baud rate. I have a word Baud! that sets it on a PC 8250 type serial. The word divides the 32 bit number, 115200, by the baud rate to get the value to write to the 8250.
    I usually follow the definition with setting the baud rate, like:

    9600 Baud!

    For some reason, I changed the 115200 number in the definition instead of the number in front of the use of the word. This was the major cause of all the original issues that led me to write the code for the monitor EPROM. Needless to say, the behavior of the terminal program was strange. When I saw the issue, I remember one of those rules one the always remember " If it goes wrong look at the last place you touched" The problem is often there right where you put it.
    At 70+, I guess I'm not to bad off making such error ( It is just that I've been making the same error when I was 20. )
    The regulators did need replacing but that was because the drives wouldn't even start but had I not goofed up the terminal program, I'd have saved some time.
    In any case the N* is now reading disk like it should.
    Now for some questions:
    1. When I type 'LI', it list the files. I've looked through the various document on the N* DOS but not seen anything describing what the fields are of the listing. Does anyone know the format?
    2. Some of the files have a - in front of their names. What does that mean?

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    There are 10 Sentinal disk that look to have backup data for the accounting program. I kind of doubt I'll have much need for these. All of these are type 5 disk.
    I do have a couple disk that boot with some utilities and a couple different BASICs. One looks to be a floating point BASIC with a name FPBASIC.
    I've booted the disk labeled CP/M and it looks like the typical 2.2. It does have a couple other things on it that I figure are for the hard disk: HD05BOOT.COM, HD18BOOT.COM and HDOFF.
    I'll most likely clean one of the backup disk and make a copy of this to play with. I have a metal box N* with a 5 inch hard drive. I suspect this was all for it. When I get the time I'll need to see if I can get that one running.

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    You might get more replies if you posted in the S100 section. You can replace the 2708 with a 2716 which only needs one voltage rail and is easy to program - the original NS monitor is out there on the Internet although I never needed to use it.


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