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Thread: Pics of Livermore Innovation Fair and of Bay Area Maker Faire 2018

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    Default Pics of Livermore Innovation Fair and of Bay Area Maker Faire 2018

    I finally posted the few pictures I had from the Livermore Innovation Fair 2018. They can be found at

    My photos of the 3-day Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 at

    Back in California,
    Robert Bernardo
    Fresno Commodore User Group -
    August 11-12 Commodore Vegas Expo v14 2018 -

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    HI Robert
    The Maker Faire shouldn't be missed. There was a lot of action there this year. In our booth, I brought the Apple IIe. It had one of the failures. It blew out the AC input capacitor, with a nice bunch of smoke. The other Apple we had blew its capacitor the next day. We ran the 'Oregin Trail' program. Every now and then we have some middle aged person come through and say, they'd played that as a kid. Then they'd sit down and play it for the 20 or so minutes it took to play it.
    The other shot with me next to the IMSAI, was me fixing the known to be broken Altair. Erik thought it would be fun to have me trouble shoot its front panel while at the show. I forget which chip was bad but we had it running soon. We had both machines running the 'catch the light' program as I recall. It would require periodic reloads as someone would come by and reset it. We had one fellow form someplace south of the border that taught a computer class. He was thrilled to manually enter a program from the switches. He recorded the entire thing with his cell phone, to show his students. It was fun. Toggling a program in seems so normal for may of us older geeks but a hole generation has never done such a thing.
    The CHM had their key punch machine that was always popular and I believe ran happily the entire show, this year.
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    Nice TI-99/4A setup.


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