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Thread: custom glyph/character pattern tables

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    Default custom glyph/character pattern tables

    my avatar is a mock shot of what id like to do with the pattern tables on the PET 4016.

    i used to have a book on changing the patten tables but it was MGA for 8088 (pc).

    how do i change the scanlines in the pattern tables for glyph tiles on PET 4016?

    perceptual mock as displayed rendering below..
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    As far as I know, the PET line of computers don't have custom definiable characters. They're ROM based and generated on the fly. I could be wrong, but I think the first Commodore computer that let you define your own graphics was the VIC-20 home computer.

    Of course, you could burn your own character ROM (perhaps an EPROM) and replace, but it would be quite a hardware solution.
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