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Thread: Packard Bell Memory Issue

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    thank you guys for all your help so far. I never knew about the IRQ issue and will look further into that. As far as the memory, they are both brand new modules. Yes, you can still buy new modules from different sites. And as replied, they work, but that doesn't preclude any small error in the memory so it's possible. As soon as I can find some more memory for cheap, I'll pick some up just in case.

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    If you can get into the BIOS settings, check to see if there are options for shadowing ROMs, specifically the system BIOS and the video BIOS, and turn them off if possible. The very specific scenario we have here seems like something that could be an intermittent electromechanical issue which gets bypassed by shadowing ROMs into memory, which probably remain in the case of a warm boot, but are cleared on cold boot/shutdown. That's my best guess at the moment.. If that causes a warm boot to then fail, we have more information (and you should probably turn them back on, lol). If that doesn't seem to be an option, maybe take some good quality pictures of the board with as little obscured as possible, and from both sides if possible, as well as a side shot to check for bending/warping. Maybe I or someone else on here can spot a physical issue.. If all else fails, maybe you could try flashing or replacing the BIOS with either a newer PB BIOS for the machine or an alternative like SEABIOS/etc. (, but that's entering relatively advanced territory that many don't want to tread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalDeathMusic View Post
    Yes, you can still buy new modules from different sites.
    It's probably new-old stock that's been sitting in a hot warehouse for 20 years, in which case I'd definitely check it with Memtest for errors.

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    Here are the photos of the board as requested. I have not yet been able to run Memtest on it, haven't had time. Sorry there are so many, I wanted to make sure I got detailed pictures. As far as I can tell the board is in immaculate shape, but I could be missing something. 20180713_182624.jpg20180713_182632.jpg20180713_182926.jpg20180713_182932.jpg20180713_183016.jpg20180713_183029.jpg


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