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Thread: Swp co-power ii

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    Default Swp co-power ii

    I have a Kaypro 10 with a SWP CO-POWER II board. The hard drive died and I couldn't get a replacement working (there's another thread on that) so I installed a FreHD and it's booting off that.

    I'm now trying to get the SWP board to work. If I try running RAMDISK or MSDOS I get the message that the 8088 isn't responding. Does anyone happen to have schematics?

    I'd like to get this working mainly as a RAM disk since I don't really care to run MSDOS on it and I can't find CP/M-86 for it.

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    The Maslin Archives has 2 Images for COPOWER-88

    COPWRCPM DSDD CP/M 2.2F System Loader Disk for CoPower-88 Board
    COPWRDOS DSDD MS-DOS 2.11 for SWP CoPower-88 Board

    Not sure if this helps, just bringing it to your attention.

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    Fortunately I have the originals and copies the seller made. Unfortunately it didn't include the CP/M-86 floppy.

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    I found a disk that had .OLD versions of the MSDOS and RAMdisk utilities. I gave them a try and they worked. The PAL on the adapter is the original so I'm not sure why the programs on the original distribution disks didn't work with the defaults.

    Now I'm going to try to get it to work with the newer ROM for the 10/83 and maybe the KayPlus since it supports the card as a RAMdisk by default.

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    It worked with the newer ROM for the 10/83 (81-302). However, I had issues with the KayPlus ROM and the FreHD (posted in another topic).

    I have a 2X with the fully-loaded motherboard and an Advent TurboROM. Even though the PAL on the daughterboard is the wrong one for the universal motherboard I thought I'd give the SWP board a try since the docs seemed to indicate the PAL just handles the addressing.

    I was able to load the RAMdisk software and it worked, so I then tried the MSDOS loader and it worked as well. Since this 2X has the universal motherboard, hard disk interface, RTC, and MODEM installed (the only one of my universal systems that has all the options installed) I'm going to keep the SWP board there. The only issue is the 2X originally had Omni logic analyzer hardware installed (removed before I got it) so the drive cage isn't standard and sits just a little too high for the SWP board to fit on top. I'll need to figure out a different way to mount the board.


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