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Thread: G'Day from Canberra

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    Default G'Day from Canberra

    Afternoon all,

    Quick into - Jason From Canberra, Australia. IT Manager at a University.
    I have a fairly decent collection of machines ranging from Apples, Tandy's, Commodores, and an early Toshiba XT Laptop.
    My favourites (pure nostalgia) would be my Microbee, my Dick Smith System 80, and my BBC Micro.
    Although I'm (hopefully) about to get an Amstrad 1640 which I'm looking forward to.
    I really enjoy bringing these machines back to their former glory and also playing around with modern accessories for vintage machines. As an example I built a Raspberry64 out a dead C64 case a few months back.
    I also post up the occasional YouTube video.

    This is the Toshiba T1100Plus I just finished restoring on the weekend.


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    Welcome from the Great Plains, USA. It's summer here and screaming hot. My computers are in the dungeon: all twelve of them.
    Rick Ethridge

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    Welcome. I need to locate a Dick Smith machine for my collection, since my wife is Aussie and I'm half-Aussie.
    I use my C128 because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. -- Bob Masse
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    Very nice - I remember dreaming about getting a T1100 plus I kept seeing in computer magazines!!!

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    Welcome! And that's a purty little laptop...

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    Thanks for the warm welcome.
    The 1640 has arrived and been a heap of fun.
    DhkfbHTVQAE2hil.jpg large.jpg


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