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Thread: Strange video issues with PET 2001-8

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    Default Strange video issues with PET 2001-8

    So I finally received and assembled my PetSD+ so I can easily load programs to and from my PET 2001-8

    I just just toying around with some games and There is soo much Snow and debris on the monitor I dont think its normal. I was just playing some Jim Summers games (space spores, slim, and Astro-rescue), they all have so much flickering debris.

    See some screen shots IMG_20180703_184437718_HDR[1].jpgIMG_20180703_184500575[1].jpgIMG_20180703_184501627[1].jpg

    Now I am aware the video cable from the CRT has a loose connection on the crt analog board as tapping it, or vibrations can cause shakiness, but I dont know if this is related

    Any ideas? The flickering is so fast the still frames dont do them justice

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    It sort of does and doesn't look like snow.

    Open and search for snow...



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