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Thread: Hello, I'm new and please help! lol

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    Smile Hello, I'm new and please help! lol

    Hi, I am from MN, USA and am just getting into vintage computers as a hobby. I collect old video game consoles and accessories and decided to start getting into old computers as well. So far I have a Commodore 64, an HP Vectra 500 series, a Emachines T1842 and a IBM Thinkpad 755C. I am excited to join this community, learn some new things and meet new people along the way!

    I have one question to start, I need help with my IBM Thinkpad 755C but I am not sure where to post it? Any help in directing me where to go would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Welcome. Depending on the CPU, you could post it here:
    I use my C128 because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. -- Bob Masse
    Machine room:

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    The 755C is a 486 machine, so you'll want to post it in the "Later PCs" section.


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