Hi again DEC cohorts, I have started to downsize my total collection.

So will be giving heads up here about my DEC bits over the next 4 to 8 weeks.

I am of two minds of how much to sell or dispose of, but most likely the lot, bar at this stage 2 items.

Think most of my Rack mount items and any desktop machines, populated PCBs will go.

That will include the PDP-8e's, as I cannot see myself ever having time to run them much more.

One of the 8e was badly damaged chassis wise and cracked front panel, so it's probably going to be parted out.

I am in Melbourne, Australia.

My 8i Expansion Memory is already sold, as I have resigned myself that I will never find the original populated main CPU card and PSU, that got lost during a move.

As to the 8i Front Panel, I am of two minds about using it for the front panel of a PiDP-8i, keeping it, or simply selling it. For now its a keep, subject to any genuine offers I get from fokes on here.

PM me if you wish. BTW sometimes I am not online for a few days or week so keep that in mind if I dont reply quickly.