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Thread: Atari ST floppy drive

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    There is a mod to make to a PC Floppy Drive to get it to work reliably in an ST. You need to solder a wire between pins 2 and 34 so that the density select switch works as a Disk Change signal to indicate to the ST that you have changed floppies. Otherwise you might ruin disks by writing the wrong information to them. There are articles out there on doing the mod.
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    Yeah, I have several PC floppy drives that work fine with the ST, but they don't have that weird front fascia and eject button, so they can't be mounted internally without modifying the case. I have made a floppy ribbon and power cable extensions to feed out through the empty floppy opening and have a drive perched on top of the machine. Works just fine, but it's just temporary.


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