I've stumbled upon this today at my local flea market and I went for the hit and miss situation since I was not finding anything about the product on the internet. I decided to buy it since it's Disney and it's a computer accessory. It is a Toy Story Computer Mouse Distributed by Main Event Toys Inc. made by World Wide Licenses Ltd. Bought it for the 2$ he was asking I gave him 5 for being nice and fun greeting. This is the product see picture below

20180705_200838.jpg 20180705_201029.jpg

Now, when I got home, I started searching the product more in depth, item number, bar codes because there's more than one, search by name, by image, searched the company's past products.
The Query returns nothing. I can't even find a year on the product. It is pre-2000 that I know that much but... Nothing at all.
The only thing I could find at all is a package deal that has a screensaver CD of Toy Story and the mouse itself. But if you look closely, the image of Buzz is ever so slightly different, the mouse color is not the same mine is purple and is a "on it's own" package with no ScreenSavers CD "Aww man!" It does come with a PS/2 to Serial that is already attached to the cable and is removable.


If anyone knows more about this product, value? common? odd? Let me know

I was going to make a spoiler for the pictures but the code does not work here. There is also no category for Computer Accessories.