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Thread: Value of an IBM 5150 still in its original packaging?

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    Default Value of an IBM 5150 still in its original packaging?

    Hi all,
    I have an IBM 5150 still in the original packaging and I am wondering how much it is worth. It has been opened before I received it so I am unsure exactly how much it has been used, but it appears to be in nearly mint condition with only some slight yellowing on the underside of the keyboard which can probably be easily cleaned off. It still comes with original documentation in mint condition as well as the carrying bag, also mint. The PC itself boots and passes the RAM check, however it has no OS. It is still in the original box, even down to still being wrapped in the plastic packaging and sitting in the original foam inserts.

    Does anyone know roughly what it is valued at and what I should expect to try and sell it for?

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    From what I have seen on E-bay via sold listing, something like $250 - $500 would be reasonable. On the higher end if it is complete (Monitor, keyboard, cables, manuals etc), and maybe a bit more if it is a really early 5150.

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