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Thread: Tandy/Radio shack BBSs? (of the modern variety)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradroyd View Post
    If you could adapt it to tcp/ip/telnet, I'm pretty sure you'd have a fair amount of callers pretty quickly. A lot of those are taking off right now.
    Yeah I use tcpser on a raspberry pi. Its 9600 baud and reachable via telnet. I just need to run it through the paces really well since it was originally for DOSPLUS on a Model I and I am not sure I need all the assembly code under LDOS on a Model III. One example is how it would advance the date. Another I need to work on is the keyboard routines on the host side that scan for special keys and making sure it interfaces with LDOS right.

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    If any one is interested I have 2 Direct Connect Modem Paks for the CoCo like new in original box and packaging. I believe $25.00 a piece sounds about fair I think.

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