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Thread: WTB: Tandy 3.5" 720kb floppy drive

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    Default WTB: Tandy 3.5" 720kb floppy drive


    I need a Tandy 3.5" 720kb floppy drive, in clean, tested, working condition.
    This is meant to be installed in my Tandy TL/2.

    WANTED: Covox Sound Master, IBM 3D Sound PCMCIA
    Please contact me if you have either of these for sale! Thanks.

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    What's the make and model number of the drive that's supposed to be in there?
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    If you punch some holes in the cable to prevent power from coming through you can use a lot of the older Sony floppies. Just take the plastic bezel off and transfer that blue eject button to the replacement drive, then power it directly from the power supply.

    I did this very thing in my 1000RL. The one in there is actually a 1.44, but the controller will recognize it as a 720.


    I you have to get the Tandy one, I did just see one on eBay for like $70. Don't quote me, but i think this is it
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